For the love of Vinyl


This is an old post, which I've updated for my new site, after a conversation with a Spotify agent in Lisbon last week, inspired me to re post.

I'm a digital man, no doubt about it...I love the ease, the flexibility, the instant access you have via the various sites available. But I've got a son and when I wrote the first blog, he was 20 months old and I caught him playing with a CD...I don't think I'd ever played him a CD for him to understand what one was. It got me thinking about the digital path I'd taken...there is something lost in it all....Owning a physical product is something we forget when it comes to music, which is a shame especially considering some of the great covers we've seen over the years.

Anyway, when I wrote this I'd just visited Resident in Brighton and bought AMOK limited edition vinyl album. I've captured some of the shots below, which should help you appreciate the value of the physical product. It's still a great record and as per the post back in March, I still don't own a record player, but I will soon and so I keep building my collection.