At 96.....

I've been wanting to do this for ages. Ever since I saw Paul Pride's blog, 1916,  I wanted to capture my Grandma, the way we all know her. I'm biased I know, but she's an incredible woman. 

At 96, she still lives on the farm, sadly alone now since my Grandad passed away 3 years ago (aged 94.....a glass of red wine and a cognac every night helped he always said) , but unlike a lot of people who lose someone so close, she just seems to get stronger. And when I say close, they were married for 71 years....71 years! I'll let that resonate for a few moments. 

At 96, she is as still sharp as a button. Once fluent in German, and well travelled to distant continents when it wasn't fashionable, she always has a story to tell, and we always have an ear to listen.

At 96 she still does her daily crosswords. She can't see them anymore so my dad reads out the clues and normally she knows the answer. If she doesn't, she uses google.....'The Original Google'. Not derived from electronics and software programs, but from decades of handwriting clues and storing them in old boxes, all alphabetised...of course. 

At 96, she still bakes, she still sends me home with pots of jam and cake every time I visit. My Grandad used to complain when we pinched his jam, but she still did it...and still does.

At 96, she's still my Grandma.