13 from 13

So it’s that time of year again and although I’m later than most, here is my 2013 review....’13 from 13’

In many ways this was a year of firsts for me (first band shoot, first wedding shoot, first film shoot – for many years anyway) so many of the pictures I’ve selected are perhaps not the best, but are representative of the experience I had taking them. I’ve learnt a lot this year and been given some sound advice from loads of people, mainly on twitter so thanks...you know who you are.

I’ve also tried (and sold) quite a few lenses for my D7000 but ultimately settled on the x-series cameras after shooting for the first time with the x100 at Glastonbury.

So without further ado, my top 13:

 1) Vasco Da Gama bridge: Possible the most visually striking of this year for me. Shot when I was test driving a new wide angle lens in Lisbon. I didn’t travel with a tripod but got a 60 second exposure by positioning the camera on a pebbled beach.

 2) Media City Bridge: Another bridge, but what can I say..I like them. This one is a bit closer to home at Media City, Salford.

 3) :PAPERCUTZ – This was the first time I got to shoot a band. I was again travelling to Lisbon with work and found out these guys were playing. I got in touch with them via twitter and asked if I could shoot the gig. The rest as they say is history.

 4) Glastonbury Wedding – This was my first wedding and it was at Glastonbury. It was hot, sticky and I had a hangover but looking back it was a great experience and hopefully the first of many. A massive thanks to Shelly from Toast of Leeds for letting me tag along.

5) Aimee – This was really my first portrait shoot and was taken in Majorca on a family holiday. I got a few decent shots and have just recently re-processed some of them. Thanks to Pete B for some sound advice in that department. 

6) Studious street: I like the composition of this shot and it is also typical of my style of framing, putting the subject to one side. 

7) Old Couple: What I like most about this is the stark contrasts and also that I visualised this shot in advance and waited for the couple to come round the corner. I need to get better at anticipating shots this year. 

 8) Lisbon Underground: Another one from Lisbon. Perhaps an obvious composition, but I like it.

 9) Poole Peace. This was taken late 2013 when the tourist season had finished and the beach was really quiet. I think the image reflects that serenity, hopefully you agree. (Thanks to JT for the crop inspiration!)

 10) Original Google – Taken from my blog ‘At 96’ about my Gran....I’m really pleased with the way this whole piece of work turned out.   

11) First film roll: There been a big renaissance of film photography this year, something that I plan to pursue more in 2014. This was one of my favourites from my first roll. 

 12) Winter bike: After a snowy night on the ale in Manchester, I took this. Beer and photography can mix.

 13) Headphone Cut: Taken of all places in McDonalds in Madrid. I like the detail on the jacket on this one.

And that’s a wrap....2013 is officially closed.

So what’s ahead for 2014? I have a number of areas I’d like to work on, but ultimately I’d like to improve and continue to learn. Some key areas are:

-          Shoot more film and try developing some at home.

-          Develop better understanding of flash photography.

-          Do some more portrait work.

-          Print more.....!

The last point is key for me. Similar to my growing love for vinyl, I really believe the physical product is important and is something we shouldn’t lose. Digital is great and convenient and but I want my kids to grow up appreciating the physical media. With that in mind, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Pick and favourite and drop me a comment on why you like it and I’ll pick 3 at random and send you a print. Easy...

I’ll pick these on 17th January so you have plenty of time to post.

Thanks for looking.