I missed the first one....nearly had to miss this one as well. I'd just got back from a full week in Berlin and got home at around 7pm Friday night. The train left Manchester at 06:15 so not long to unpack, eat, choose which cameras to take and then get to the station again.

This one was pretty important to me though. I've spent a lot of time working on film lately and gained a lot of insight from many of the photographers attending. It was also a chance to meet some of the people on the twelve project for the first time and talk about what ideas people had.

The day was organised by Johnny and Rebecca Patience and Mathieu and Heather from MirrorLessons and started with a talk by Johnny on his techniques which was held at the great Stephen Bartell Gallery which demonstrates a new approach to exhibiting the works of some very talented photographers.

Johnny checking out Matt's shiny new Hasselblad

Following a display of the work at the gallery, and some generous offerings by Kodak and Richard Photo Lab, we set out on the walk.

Honestly, the day was not so much about shooting, but meeting some of the people I'd been talking to about photography for the last 1-2 years, which was a real pleasure.

I had to cut the day short and miss out on the dinner sadly, but I can say it was a real pleasure to meet so many like minded photographers in one place and just chat.....about stuff....

Thanks to all and look forward to the next one.