The Mistake

There's a point in life when we don't care about imperfections. We don't care what other's think and we're happy to talk openly about flaws and mistakes.....Well, I made a mistake, in fact I made three mistakes.

1) I sent a roll of E6 film to a lab that only processed C-41

2) When the lab (UK Film Lab) contacted me to advise me of the mistake and to tell me they could cross process this roll using C-41 I said "Ok, no problems...let's give it a go"

The results were, well, as I should have expected - pretty awful. Those BLUES and GREENS just shout at you.

And the third mistake? Well, probably posting them here...maybe some flaws should be kept secret.

I should add that I in no way criticise UK Film Lab for this. It was my choice. All my previous results have been ace and I will continue to send film to them. Just not's just not for me.