Look Up

Whilst at the Manchester Art Gallery last week to see the Time Machine Exhibition, I did something I need to do more......Look up....it's that simple. I often grab shots when I do this. 

Anyway, at the time I was stood in the centre of the gallery, underneath the Mezzanine floor......The glass is frosty and I thought the foot steps would make an interesting subject. Now the following shots, highlight my position and set up were not optimum (I was rocking my daughter in the pram at the time so I should be forgiven!). 

Whilst I didn't have the opportunity to fix my set up, I continued to get a handful of shots and then processed them when I was back at home. This involved straightening, cropping (I preferred the square crop for this image) and then the black and white conversion....obviously!

Below shows a before and after of the same image.

After processing a few shots this way, I settled on the below final image. This is a montage of my favourite ones. I do plan to go back now and set this up properly so I get much cleaner and tighter results....Foot models will be required!

Hope you like it. Feel free to comment and share.


The final image from the Look Up series of shots.