When I landed in Helsinki on Tuesday, it was raining, cloudy and cold...Not what I was hoping for. Added to the fact that Manchester Airport refused to talk to me about hand checking my film I was less than pleased. When I got up on Wednesday though, it was different story....just the seven hour meeting to get through - then it was exploration time.

I started with the most important A recommendation from the hotel took me to Putte's Bar & Pizza which I would recommend. It doesn't look much and reminded me of some of the student bars in Manchester I once frequented, but this doesn't matter...the pizza was excellent.

I then wandered down to the port of Helsinki, where you can get a ferry every 20 minutes over to Suomenlinna, an inhabited sea fortress built on 6 islands.

Let's get the excuse out there straight away....I'm sure there a many wonderful things to see on this island, the problem was that I found the brewery first and they have their I had to sample the local ale...which was good....very, very good.

After which, I had a walk round the front part of the island and then settled on the rocks, where I took some shots and sat and watched the sunset. Now, I'm a fan of sunsets, and whilst visually, this is by no means spectacular, it was special. There was just something about the place.

Hope you enjoy the shots.