1928 - The Story Continues

If you follow my blog, you may have seen my previous post about a Leica M2 that I was generously loaned by a very close friend. This Leica used to belong to his father who sadly passed away on 8th June 2011. Rather than sell it or keep it in a display cabinet, I was asked if I would take it on the next journey, as I'm sure Kenneth would have wanted. This is the start of that journey.....the story continues.

The camera has already been used in three countries (UK, Russia and France) and as I travel with work a lot, I expect it will visit many more places.

This is the first batch of film processed and I sent it to those very clever people at Richard Photo Lab who I think have done a fine job of bringing out the colours (Porta 400 for all you film nerds) 

The process wasn't without it's challenges. My ability being one, but I also think the camera has a problem with the shutter curtain. Nothing a bit of TLC won't solve.....and believe me, this camera deserves it.

I'll leave you with a few final frames...hope you enjoy them.