Contax G2

If you follow my blog or my twitter feed you're probably aware of this camera....I talk about it a lot.

The Contax G2 in Black, with the Zeiss Planar 45mm F2 

Plucked from the hands of Graham Fry one sunny afternoon at a pub in Dorset, this camera has quickly become one of my favourites. Why? Simple - It's such a joy to, responsive, feels right in the hand, not too heavy and not too light.

Some people complain about focus motor being too noisy....OK, so it's not quiet, but it adds to its character for me and it's certainly quieter than the G1 one which it superseded. Some people also complain about the fact the focus resets to infinity after every shot. Again, not a problem - this thing focuses so quick anyway, and I've got kids!  Which brings me to another reason I enjoy using it. I've blogged about the Leica M2 and the Bessa R3M before, which are also great cameras, but the experience is totally different. Want slow, considered, composed photography, choose one of those....want to shoot your kids at a party - G2 - without doubt.

So what about the results? Again, as part of my batch to Richard Photo Lab I shot some XP1 and Portra 400 with the G2. Mainly with the 45mm, but also some with the 28mm Biogon. I've already mentioned I shoot a lot of family stuff with this camera, which I choose not to share on my site, so this is the rest. 

Would love to know your favourite of late. Leica M2, Bessa R3M, or the Contax G2.

With the exception of the last shot, all the below were taken in Carcassonne on a recent holiday using the XP1. Hope you enjoy.

The roll of Porta 400 was mainly family stuff, but here are a few shots.