"Daddy, what number are you?"

Thirty-Nine was my answer.....not quite Forty.

We never work on our birthday...it's a rule in the family. Despite only getting back from holiday on Saturday, an extra day out of the office was essential. The question though, what to do after spending two weeks in Majorca. Well, it was my birthday, so I decided. This year I chose to go into Manchester to see the newly renovated central library.


Opened by King George V on 17th July 1934 and designed by architect Vincent Harris, the shape of the library was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome and it's striking rotunda form was quite unique in it's time, most buildings were obviously rectangular.



In 2008 reports emerged that the library needed essential repairs and subsequently closed in 2010, reopening in 2014 following refurbishment and expansion.

This is my first trip since the renovation and there is a reasonable balance of things to do with kids, although the main things I wanted to wander round and get lost in (The Wolfson Reading room being one) isn't really suitable for an eight month old, let alone a three year old who wants to run everywhere...!

Here's a few more shots from my brief visit.

After the library visit we went to Pie and Ale for lunch, headed home for coffee and cake and ended the day with cheese and port. 

A pretty fine day...!