Majorca, on film

The sun tan is still just about visible, but only because I forgot to wear sun cream on my feet one day and was left with sandal marks.

This year's holiday was to the Island of Majorca. I'm way too old for anything that comes close to Magaluf, preferring the serenity of the inland towns and villages. We stayed in two different villas this year, choosing to move after the first week. Both of which were reasonably close to Felanitx.

 Felanitx has good access to some great beaches on the south-east of the island.

Felanitx has good access to some great beaches on the south-east of the island.

Moving after a week, when travelling with family, especially young children, may seem foolish, but it actually works. The upheaval is minimal and it gives you a chance to explore a different setting, which for me is perfect as it opens up more scope for images.

A lot has changed over the last year in my photography world. Last year I took an old Yashica rangefinder, which I never connected with and never used. My journey through film has come a long way (more on that soon) since then, and I now shoot film regularly as part of my workflow.

Cala Sa Rapita, shot on Hasselblad 500c

This year I took the Contax G2 and the Hasselblad 500c, which was a new addition and possibly a risky choice, given I'd never used it before and never seen any results. If you've never seen a Hasselblad, have a look at Project Twelve, which I've set up with some other like minded photographers. In terms of usability, this is totally different than any other camera I've shot with, but possibly the most engaging. It's a medium format camera and the resulting images are square. Think Instagram but, well......good.

The empty streets of Felanitx

The first villa was just outside Felanitx and had some great character and surrounding areas.

Hasselblad 500c, Portra 400

Contax G2, Portra 400

And whilst both villas we stayed in were stunning places (booked through Vintage Travel) for me the second one was a step up. The view from the terrace where we ate breakfast and dinner was, well...this.

The view of the mountains to the north of the island from the terrace

Some additional shots from around the villa.

Due to the size of the Island, it's really easy to get to most places in no time as long as you hire a car. Palma is definitely worth a trip and the indoor markets are perfect for a rest bite from the heat and a great place to grab some tapas and a small beer (or two)

The arches outside a local indoor market

The streets of Palma with the Cathedral in the distance

As I said, a lot has changed over the last 12 months, in terms of my style and approach. I shoot a lot more film now so expect more of this. I'm also really excited about project twelve, which I'll be talking about a lot more in the near future.