Expired Porta 160 NC

I have a thing about expired film....it's cheaper.

Ok, that's not strictly true. I'd heard great things about Portra 160 NC which is now discontinued so I picked up an expired batch (2010) off eBay to try. Also, I've not posted much on here for a while and my good friend Atle gave a nudge in the right direction which prompted me to blog something...thanks Atle.

Poole beach with Old Harry Rocks in the distance

I was visiting the family earlier this year in Dorset, and headed down to the beach late one Sunday morning when the sun was pretty powerful.

In general, I'm pleased with the results. I think considering the strength of the sun, the tones are pretty good, with the exception of the one below, which is far too oversaturated for my liking, although I'm pretty sure this is down to how I exposed it.


Would love to hear your thoughts? I've since bought a huge batch of expired black and white film now which is in the freezer waiting for the right conditions.