The Forty Year Time Capsule

Things like this don't happen very often....well why would they? Why would you wait over forty years to develop a roll of film.....Let me tell you why....

I recently got a call from my friend who lent me the Leica M2, to say he'd found a roll of film and asked could I do anything with it, so obviously I offered to help.

Could this be the start of something special? No one knew what was on it, if anything? Was it just an empty can? Could anything actually be salvaged from it? That's the thing about a roll of film...that's all it screen to look at, no 'undo delete' button to press. 

Then there is the whole delicacy of film. It takes a lot of TLC to get it through it's normal life, never mind a roll this old....well, we didn't actually know how old it was. The only way was to send it off...and the results came back tonight.

The first thing I noticed was the in particular...I was gutted...!

But then I explored more and saw a few things downloading. Initially I was expecting more of this.

But as the download completed, I saw results....more and more results.

Clearly the quality on these isn't great, but that doesn't matter does it. What matters is that something has been discovered and brought back to life.  A moment in time, from decades ago, taken by a man who loved his photography and loved his cameras.

The ultimate time capsule.

There is one shot that came out, which I've decided to leave off here. A very personal shot of mother and daughter, taken by their father. On viewing it with the family tonight, they've put the shot at around 1973......

Just take a moment for that to sink in.... I for one wasn't born, and yet today, we can still see the results of that day.

Would a digital file lasted that long? I very much doubt that.