Seven Days


So, next week I go to Las Vegas for the trip of a Lifetime, with my two closest friends, a bag full of film and a couple of cameras....well, three to be precise. 

The thing is though, I hope to come back with four.

I've always fancied trying to get hold of a beat up Leica ever since reading this post by Ray Larose. The work carried out by Youxin Ye looks staggering to say the least and I wanted to give it a whirl myself......and today, I found the one. I beat up old Leica M3 currently residing in Toronto.

Now for the plan......the camera will be shipped tomorrow to Youxin with the hope it will reach him by weekend. I've spoke to Youxin and depending on the condition, he will try to turn it round in a couple of days and then ship it to the hotel I'm staying in Las Vegas, where I'll be for four nights, from 13th, although I'd like to run some rolls through it for a couple of days before leaving, so really we have seven days.....

This is going to be a challenge...will they be able to pull it off? So many interdependencies, but that's the fun part right?

Fingers crossed.

Big thanks to Ray for all your advice today.