365 - January

Let's just get the elephant in the room out there first..... 

I know it's a leap year. I know there are 366 days this year and I know the title of this blog is 365. It doesn't matter. I see 365 as a kind of a brand name, a representation of something or somethings I'm trying to achieve this year and I see this project as a foundation for those things. I've mentioned them in my daily post often enough but here they are again.


- Finish Twelve: We've had two setbacks so far, which I'll talk about more in details on the twelve site soon. We've faced adversity before and we've moved on. We intend to do it again, once the weather gives us a break.

- Improve Developing Skills: That for me only comes with shooting and experimenting. So that's what I've been doing so far...and lots of it.

- Portraits: I like many other people I talk to have a fear of shooting people. I've no idea why..I'm pretty sociable, but when it comes to being sociable and then taking a photo, I seem to freeze up. I intend to fix that this year and I've made some progress in January and I've got another shoot lined up in February.

- Print More: Off to a good start with that too. Simple things like asking for proof prints from the lab add to the experience of receiving the scans back. I've also just secured an enlarger so hopefully in the next month or so, I'll give that a go too.

- Read More: I got some decent books over Christmas and it's given me some direction and inspiration for the year. When that drops, which it can do, I pick them up again...and it helps.

- Continue to Enjoy Photography: Possibly the most important part. I rarely take myself seriously and I have a similar approach to photography. If I stop enjoying it, it will be painful....and that can't happen...ever.


So with that, I give you January.  A month of Sound and Vision.

And the images from the video...