The twelve frames of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me.....LIGHT! much glorious light!

The last few months have been, well, hectic, dark, dull and to be honest I'd started to lose a bit of the 'bug'.....then, along came Christmas, and what a Christmas it was. 

This year was a 'Southern' Christmas, which meant around ten days in Poole, Dorset, taking in trips to Sandbanks, Old Harry Rocks, Kimmeridge, Lulworth, Studland to name a few. Aside from one day of rain, the weather played ball...even the fog was my friend.

I've been shooting a lot with the M9 lately, which these are from, but I also shot a bucket load of film which I've just despatched to FilmDev, a new lab I'm testing out. Those will come this week hopefully, which I'll share when I can.

For now, here's my twelve frames of Christmas.